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What’s the Average Cost of Hiring a Handyman?
The cost of hiring a home handyman is about $69.50 per hour. In most cities, a handyman will charge between $63 and $75 per hour for their services. However, each project is a little different. There are a few factors that may impact the total cost. For example, handyman services tend to be more expensive in certain areas of the country. In New York and Los Angeles, rates may be as high as $80 or $90 per hour. Supplies and materials are not typically included in this hourly rate. You can either buy the materials yourself or you can have the handyman purchase them on your behalf. If you would like to hire a handyman for an upcoming project:

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$63.50 per hour in Atlanta, GA
$65.68 per hour in Austin, TX
$83.67 per hour in Boston, MA
$62.18 per hour in Charlotte, NC
$74.41 per hour in Chicago, IL
$59.11 per hour in Cleveland, OH
$68.20 per hour in Denver, CO
$63.06 per hour in Detroit, MI
$63.03 per hour in Fort Worth, TX
$60.98 per hour in Jacksonville, FL
$66.67 per hour in Las Vegas, NV
$88.30 per hour in Los Angeles, CA
$92.58 per hour in New York, NY
$61.08 per hour in Pittsburgh, PA
$64.55 per hour in Phoenix, AZ
$68.66 per hour in Portland, OR
$85.72 per hour in San Diego, CA
$90.78 per hour in San Francisco, CA
$61.20 per hour in Tampa, FL
$91.49 per hour in Washington, DC

A quality handyman project is certainly what you are looking for and it is worth the investment. Thus, we would like to help provide some information. With the information we provide you, we hope that you will be able to make an educated and informed decision on how to proceed with your handyman project.

Your Handyman Checklist - Hire a handyman the right way.

Finding a Handyman is kin to finding a good mechanic. Many things can go wrong with your car, same as with your house. A Handyman can fix plumbing and electrical, he can build small additions, demo walls, paint, tile, and caulk. Before you just grab the first one you see, there are some steps to make sure who you have is who you want.

Before You Call:

1. Walk through your home and list the small repairs needed. Ex, dripping faucet, loose cabinet doors, faulty light switch, etc.

2. Get organized before you make the call. Keep a list of all repairs needed near the phone so you can give the repair person a good idea of the job size before they come to your home.

3. Make a list of other items of concern or ones you think might get worse.

4. Decide if you will be able to afford all the repairs at once or if you want them done in phases. If you want them in phases, prioritize what you want done first.

When Your Handyman Arrives:

1. Walk through your home and describe each of the repairs to the handyman.

2. Decide on an hourly, or per job rate. Realize that most firms front load the first hour.

3. Ask for references and examples of other jobs if you still aren't sure about his work.

Ideas to Consider:

Handymen don't just fix squeaky doors and holes in the drywall, they are carpenters who can do almost anything. If you have a project that might be bigger than a typical Handyman job, ask him to see if he's interested. If he is, you already have someone you trust to do the work.

Your Handyman can also give some advice on preventative tips for your home during the cold seasons and also day-to-day ideas. If you have time, ask him if he has any advice for you as a homeowner.
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